Reading for pleasure day

Reading for pleasure day was focused on non fiction book called Animal Teams. We used the current non fiction text about the Earth to help locate features. We also worked as a team just like penguins did to understand why we they do it.

3JH shine like stars!

With Mr Holland being poorly this week, 3JH have had Mr Lowe as their teacher. He popped to see me on his way home on Friday to say he had the most amazing week and how he hoped he could come back to teach 3JH again soon. They have shown him the superb values we have at Robin Hood Academy! I am so proud of you 3JH! You have used our wonderful learning behaviours and impressed a visitor to our school through your hard work.

Mrs Downs

First day in 3JH

I have had the most wonderful day today. I’m trying my best to remember everyone’s names and finding lots of interesting facts out about them.they tried really hard and were focused all day.

We looked at the class rules and we focused on what we are and how we are going to behave. We spoke about bullying and what it is. The children created peacocks because they stand up for the believe in and they look after each other. The collective noun for peacocks is an ostentation of peacocks.